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Book Lovers, Emily Henry


Don’t you need that perfect romantic story set in a small american town with two young very busy nerdy city persons ? Of course you do. (Don’t we all, love ?)

Nora Stephens thinks she doesn’t. She’s wayyyyy too taken being a great literary agent to have time for love, plus she’s the villain in every rom-com. But she has a soft spot : her sister -pregnant again already two kids barely coping with life – who really really wants to go on a month’s holiday trip.
On the to-do list : makeover, petting a horse, making out with a local and saving a small business (classic Hallmark movie list) . But what Nora has not be prepared to is meeting with a New York editor she ran into once – and kept an unpleasant memory.

Aside from the romance (which is great btw), Book Lovers is a heartwarming novel about sorority, letting go of the past and putting ourself first (for once).

It’s set between New-York and Sunshine Falls, Carolina (dreamy landscapes, smalltown niceness, waterfalls and hot dudes wearing flannels) et it’s perfect if you’re looking for a positive, easy-reading novel (with slowburn, because we love it.)

No reason not to take it for your holidays !

Book Lovers. Emily Henry. Berkley. 2022. 12.90€

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